Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional festival of the Chinese nation

Has existed in our country for thousands of years

The Western Jin Dynasty "Local History" said

"Midsummer Dragon Boat Festival. The end is the beginning."

This is the earliest source of the word "Dragon Boat Festival"



  Introduction to the Dragon Boat Festival  

The Dragon Boat Festival is the fifth day of the fifth lunar month every year, also known as the Duanyang Festival, May Festival, Zhengyang Festival, Yulan Festival. In the spring and Autumn before the Dragon Boat Festival is the festival of disease prevention, after the patriotic poet Qu Yuan died on this day and evolved into the people's memorial Qu Yuan and the memory of the Noble feelings of the Chinese nation festival, follow today, Qu Yuan's name is immortal, patriotic spirit has spread to all parts of China. But there are exceptions, the Dragon Boat Festival in the Area of Kingdom of Wu always does not commemorate Qu Yuan, but to commemorate May 5 was thrown into the river Wu Zixu, and State of Wu and state of Yue region to dragon boat race and held in this day of tribal totem worship customs is earlier than the Spring and Autumn for a long time. Dragon Boat Festiva, hanging mugwort and calamus, eating rice dumpling, drinking realgar wine customs. The Dragon Boat Festival is one of the national holidays and has been listed on the World Intangible cultural Heritage List.




  Dragon Boat Race   


Dragon boat racing is an important event for the Dragon Boat Festival. It is the ritual of the ancient dragon totem sacrifice, and it is also a legacy. According to the "First Phase Excavation Report of the Hemudu Ruins", as early as 7000 years ago, ancient ancestors had used canoes to form wooden boats and added wooden paddles. The dragon boat was originally a dragon-shaped canoe carved on a single wooden boat, and later developed into a dragon boat made of wooden boards.



  Hanging wormwood and calamus   

In the Dragon Boat Festival, various flowers and plants can be arranged to exorcise evil and remove diseases. People put wormwood and calamus as one of the important contents of the Dragon Boat Festival. For example, hanging wormwood on the door, "The Chronicles of Jingchu Years": "Plucking wormwood is a human, hanging on the portal, with poison gas." This is because Wormwood is an important medicinal plant, and it can also be used to cure moxa and cure moxibustion. It can also worm insects. In May, moxa contains the most moxa oil, so the effect is the best, and people will scramble for moxa. A few wormwood plants are often hung at the door of the house. Due to the special fragrance of wormwood, people use it to fight diseases, prevent mosquitoes and ward off evil spirits.


  Dragon Boat Festival Rice Dumplings   

Eating rice dumplings during the Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional custom of the Chinese nation since ancient times. Due to the different eating habits of different places, Rice Dumplings has formed a north-south flavor; from the taste point of view, Rice Dumplings has two major categories: salted rice dumplings and sweet rice dumplings. The custom of eating rice dumplings during the Dragon Boat Festival has prevailed in China for thousands of years. It has become one of the most influential and wide-ranging folk eating customs of the Chinese nation, and it has spread to North Korea, Japan and Southeast Asian countries.


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   Matters needing attention  

1.Do a good job in pre-festival safety inspection, check all kinds of potential safety hazards and implement rectification;

2.Do a good job in fire prevention, anti-theft, safe electricity and other protection work;

3.Make arrangements for on-duty work during holidays, emergency contacts should keep the mobile phone communication smooth;

4.Wash your hands frequently, ventilate frequently, and gather less during extraordinary times; if you go out, remember to wear a mask.

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