Ø RT-II  Obtain certificate

On May,25,2018

With the continuous development of the company, the requirements for employees are also improving. At the beginning of May, the company sent another employee to attend the RT-II training class. After unremitting efforts, the employee successfully obtained the certificate.

Ø PAUT-II Obtain certificate

On May,01,2018

In April, our company sent three employees to Shanghai to attend the PAUT-II training class. After more than half a month,s study, three employees passed the exam and obtained certificates.

Ø Phased array technology training 

On July,22,2017 

In this training, we have made a breakthrough in the field of phased array testing of stainless steel trail tubes, and the defects of the simulated specimens can be testing one by one. The breakthrough of this technology has opened a good beginning for our company to engage in stainless steel testing.

Ø TOFD - II Obtain certificate

On November 15,2016 

With continuously introduce new technologies, new equipment, the company employees are required to keep pace with the times, keep learning. Mid to late October, head company sent two employees and three employees of Dalian branch to sent out to Shanghai shipyard hotel to attend TOFD-II training classes, after two weeks study, our company five employees all passed the exam, obtain the certificate.

Ø CCS - MTPT Obtain certificate 

On September 28,2016 

My company during June to September, continuous sent six employees to Dalian Lushun join in MTPT secondary training courses, and successfully received MT-II PT-II NDT qualification certificate. 

Ø New type“Olympus PAUT equipment” training 

On May 31,2016 

In late May, the company buy the New type“Olympus PAUT equipment”, at the same time hire a professional teacher from Shanghai to the company for equipment installation and operation training. 

Ø CCS—UTRT and Special equipment TOFD Obtain certificate 

On April 28,2016 

Industry is in developthe company is in progress, the quality of employee and skills more need to constantly improve, the company organize more employees go out to learn in the near future, after a month of training, examination, and successfully obtained CCS-UTRT and Special equipment TOFD –II certificates. 

Ø Equipment debugging—Phased array 

On March 15,2016 

Company pay attention to the development of new technology, train the talent is not just to get the certificate for the purpose, but to thoroughly grasp phased array technology, familiar operate the new equipment. So has arranged three employees for a week of phased array instrument debugging. 

Ø Testing procedure testing 

On February 23,2016 

To better grasp and understanding ABS testing procedures, deepen the impression, on February 13th, the company organized all employees of the training and examination of ABS testing procedures. 

Ø Special equipment obtain certificate 

On November 20,2015

Our company four old employees successfully pass through the once again examination, obtain the Special equipment trade UTRTMTPT II level certificates. 

Ø CCS - UTMT Obtain certificate 

On October 10,2015 

The company two operators pass through the training, successfully obtained the CCS - UTMT II level certificate. 

Ø ABS non-destructive testing procedure training 

On August 05,2015 

For welcome ABS audit, the company on August 5, nondestructive testing procedures training of all employees, make the employees of the company,s proceduressystem more clear, with the best state to deal with the audit. 

Ø Environment training

On July 13,2015 

Through this training, which is beneficial to identify the difference from the relevant environmental regulations and the current situation, reduce the environmental impact caused by the environmental influence. 

Ø Safety training 

On June 10,2015 

In order to alert the importance of employees safety, in line with the principle of “safety firstprevention first”, carry out the training, improve the safety quality of practitioners, preventing injuries, reduce occupational hazards. 

Ø TWI-PAUT-Ⅱ training 

On May 20,2015 

Company has two employees through training, passed the exam, successfully obtained the TWI-PAUT-Ⅱcertificate and qualification. 

Ø New technique training——TOPDPAUT 

On April 10,2015 

Training effect: Through the study of this TOPDPAUT, make employees for new technology deepen the impression, for the future field and textual research has played a very good matting. 


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