Non-destructive testing technician

Position type: Full-time   Gender requirement: Man                 Hiring: Several people

Salary: Talk face to face  Workplace: Dalian/ Qinhuangdao city   EducationSenior high school

Work experience: More than three years    Age requirement :20 to 40 years old  Release time:  June 22,2021

Close the time:  June 30,2022

The specific requirement:

1. Have high school degree or above (NDT profession priority), and engaged in NDT relevant work more than 3 years.

2. At least holding CCS-MT-II and CCS-PT-II qualification certificates, holding RTUTMTPT four certificates priority.
3. Have the above two requirement, and has welding, ship structure experience priority.

4. Can bear hardships and stand hard work, good conduct, no bad habits, no quality and safety accident record. Healthy body, no occupational taboo.

5. Company mainly workplace is in Qinhuangdao, Dalian and the coastal areas of Shanghai, asked employees qualified for the company to arrange the business trip.

6. Company specific treatment:

1)  Wages constitute: Basic wages+ Skill wages +Post wages+ Efficiency wages (According to the workload complete condition, uncapped)

2) Employees through internship after the confirmation of treated five risks.

3) Provide accommodation for single employee.

7. If you have any intention, can be the personal resume to company mailbox.

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