We master the testing technology method

Ø  Industry X-ray testing

Can complete X-ray testing work, include the structure of the land and sea, process pipeline etc. X-ray inspection equipment have been used by verification, and issue certificate of qualification. The company has a set of sound radiation safety protection systemcan be engaged in indoor and outdoorland and sea qualification within the scope of the various radiographic engineering work.

Ø  Ultrasonic Testing and Ultrasonic Thickness

Ultrasonic testing technology is widely used in equipment parent metal and weld defect accurate inspection of steel structure, industrial piping, ship structure, containers etc. Ultrasonic thickness, main used in equipment, pipeline and hull in running wear, corrosion test.

Ø  Magnetic Particle Testing

For ferromagnetic material the metal materials and weld, the surface and near surface defects can adopt the method of magnetic particle testing.

Ø  Dye Penetration Testing 

For non-magnetic materials metal materials and its weld (such as aluminum, stainless steel workpiece material artifacts, copper materials, etc.), its surface defect inspection can use dye penetration testing, can check out the defect of invisible to the naked eye.

Ø TOFD Testing Technology 

TOFD as a relatively new ultrasonic testing technology, different technologies such as pulse reflection method and sound wave transmission method, using the fastest velocity of longitudinal wave in solid at the end of the defect of diffraction for testing.

Ø  PAUT Ultrasonic Testing

Ultrasonic phased array technology is advanced ultrasonic testing method in the modern nondestructive testing technology. Especially in the application of welded joint has a unique advantage. It can effectively detect the welding joint of the various planar defect and volume defects. Test results displayed in the image, as the defect location, quantitative, qualitative, grading provides a wealth of information.


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