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Qinhuangdao Bocheng Engineering Technology CO.,LTD is a registered independent legal person units via qinhuangdao ICBC bank in 2007, the company with the strong technical power and professional skills , provide customers to qualification allow NDT testing professional and technical services, such as sea platformequipment materials of the shipship structure engineering the steel structure, etc.

Companies adhering to the “Professional and technical  Scientific management  Good faith service  Demand for the development” quality policy, Work is based on credit. The company since setting up in 2007, always maintain  high quality, high level  of testing credibility, gain the owner’s praise and trust.

At present company major service “ShanHaiGuan Shipbuilding Industry CO.,LTDDalian Shipbuilding Industry CO.,LTD 、Zhongxing Marine Engineering Co., LTD、Highend shipbuilding &maritime consulting CO.,LTD.It is also a qualified supplier of Hudong Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., Jiangnan Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd. and Hudong Zhonghua Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd. In the shipyard we have permanent offices. Company major involves testing methods except RTUTMT and PTalso has advanced testing technology is TOFDPAUT etc. So far, the regulations of advanced testing technology have gradually passed the approval of various classification societies. Among them, TOFD testing technology has been approved by DNV.GL, LR, CCS classification societies, and PAUT testing technology has been approved by ABS, LR, CCS, and DNV.GL classification societies.Successively by the project include: shipping building and repairing, jack-up and semi-submersible offshore platform project, wind power projects, etc. Company undertake and complete a lot of projects, has accumulated rich experience in testing, cultivate a variety of testing technology talented person, no matter from the technology, equipment, or from the testing of timeliness and efficiency, manifests the company higher testing capability.     

The company has sufficient testing equipment resources, testing equipment is equipped with strong, both for the domestic and foreign advanced equipment. Including the advanced equipment is X-ray testing, Ultrasonic testing, Magnetic particle testing, Ultrasonic gauge thickness, TOFD, Phased array testing etc. 

Company has more than 80 employees. Company pay attention to detect personnel ability and shaping, personnel with high quality and strong ability, personnel structure reasonable deploy. Company NDT testing personnel all have corresponding testing certificate, meet the requirements of all kinds of engineering projects, include China classification society(CCS)Special equipmentMechanical engineering societyNational defense science and technology and CSWIP inspection qualification certification .

For better combined with the knowledge to practice, quickly master work skills and increase the experience, the company will daily testing technology regularly training, and organized by level 3 inspectors targeted technical training, make become a high quality, professional high technical team, in order to ensure the development of the company is more stable, faster, higher.

The company's management system is scientific and standardized. The company has been in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, ISO 14001:2015 three types of management system standards, TSG Z7003-2004 "special equipment inspection and testing institutions quality management system requirements" to establish an effective management system, And respectively obtained the China Classification Society quality certification company issued "quality management system certification certificate", "environmental management system certification certificate", "occupation health and safety management system certification certificate".The company's radiation work in strict accordance with the relevant national laws and regulations for radiation safety certification, and obtained the "radiation safety license" issued by the environmental protection department. In addition, the company passed the qualification certification of China classification society service supplier, the achieve a-class supplier (all ships and Marine products, offshore facility above the surface of steel structural nondestructive testing) of the "approval certificate of China classification society service supplier, the testing scope includes: phased array detection, TOFD detection, ultrasonic testing, radiographic testing, magnetic particle testing, penetrant testing. Successfully passed the document review and site operation review of DNV Classification Society, and obtained the "DNV.GL Supplier Service Certificate".

Company focuses on people-oriented, provide good benefits to employees, including five insurance and one fund of social welfare security, for single staff provide free accommodation. For rich company employees culture life , every year hold collective tourismyear-end gala active, in addition, the company pay attention to employees occupational health, provide all kinds of labor protection articles are all high quality products, including 3M self-priming filter dust mask, dyer tower labor insurance shoes. Company management idea focuses on stable development, provide welfare to employees is to build a stable, positive work environment, let each employee development growth in a stable and orderly environment, it also the company long-term development laid a solid foundation.

 “Broad knowledge and go further Honesty and trustworthiness” as the meaning of the name of the company, as the company's management ideas, It is condensed the strong enterprise soul, gives us firm faith, lead us to continue to set sail.


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