Company to talent is the soul of enterpriseas the guiding ideology, adhere to the hiring principle of openness, fairness and justice, make the company employing mechanism more scientific and reasonable.

1.Public fair competition, put an end to any the phenomenon of abuse power gainsjobbery and cronyism.

2.In a exam and use consistent principle, exam eligible for the trial, trial eligible to hire.

3. Select merit to enroll.

4.Personnel hire standardization. Personnel recruitment need to go through the hiring process, for hiring workers sign labor contract, and existing staff in the same of pay, appraisal, training etc.

Bocheng choose talents from three aspects to consider: core ability, professional ability, leadership ability. Based on such principles and standards, Bocheng through campus recruitment, social recruitment absorption suit for Bocheng now, the future development of talents, and in order to Bocheng employee provide broad space and development opportunities.

Bocheng, welcome you to join us!



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